Ancient Sites

The latest map addition comes as a direct result of a suggestion from one of the visitors to the ilkleymaps web-site. Ancient Sites, Stone Circles and Rock Art around Ilkley. There are many such ancient sites all over Britain but the local Moors are particularly abundant in these historic locations. The sites on my map […]

Postal Facilities

Need to post a letter? Well on the off-chance that you don’t know where your nearest post box or post office is you might want to check out the latest map on the site Postal Facilities in Ilkley. The post code polygons have been calculated from point location values which is why they look slightly […]

Old Photographs of Ilkley

A new map showing the geo-tagged locations of Old Photographs in Ilkley has been added to the map gallery. The current set of photos are shown by kind permission of Francis Frith, Bradford Libraries and English Heritage. The marker locations on the map are my own interpretation of where I think the photographer was located […]

Food and Drink updates

Details for Kiplings Cafe Bar and Indian Restaurant have been updated on the Food And Drink Map page. Also, at the request of Martinez Wines, the tab previously labelled as Pubs has been changed to Bars. If you run any of the establishments featured on this map and want any information adding or ammending, please […]

Historic Swipe Map

Similar to the Simple Swipe map which compares a satellite image with a road map, the new Historic Swipe Map compares an historical map from around 1900 with current day Ilkley. Swiping the central bar allows the user to see how Ilkley has changed over the last century. Due to inaccuracies in the original old […]

Tour De France

The Tour De France will be starting in Leeds in 2014 and the route on day one will be passing through Ilkley. Our latest map shows the routes for both days one an two when the cyclists will be passing through Addingham for the second time. The map also has a countdown script which should […]


The Ilkley Maps website is a personal project which combines three of my strong interests, namely Cartography, Web-site design and the town of Ilkley. The idea behind the project is to create a single website which can be accessed either by visitors to Ilkley or by residents of the town and surrounding areas. The content […]