New Social Media Map

Its been a while but there is a new map on the site which aims to map the Social Media usage in the Ilkley area.

Currently the map will display data from four social media sites, namely Twitter, Flickr, Panaramio and You Tube. Any of the aforementioned instances of posts that have had a geographic location assigned will be plotted on the new map.

Searches can be customised by filtering the data. For example it is possible to search on a specific keyword or even a specific time period. Clicking on an individual result point on the map will either display the Tweet the Photograph or the Video associated with that post. The results can also be plotted either as individual events, as clusters or as a density map.

If you would like to view your own Tweets you will need to make sure that the location information preference is activated on your phone or PC before tweeting.

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