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The latest map on our site Geology Map is one that I have been meaning to complete for some time.

The data content for this new map comes courtesy of the British Geological Survey (BGS). Solid Bedrock Geology, Surface or Superficial Geology and Borehole map data have been served up by the BGS and are consumed within my application. The two geology layers are served at two different scales. Namely, 1:50,000 and 1:625,000. The coarser scaled data becomes evident when zooming out from the map. It should be noted that the geology layers will disappear altogether if the map is zoomed in too far. This is a limitation of the underlying BGS data.

The Boreholes data on the third map will display at all scales. Perhaps the most intersting thing of note is the obvious planned route of the ill-fated Ilkley by-pass from the mid 90’s.

Clicking any feature on the map (geological unit, geological structure, borehole etc.) will reveal a pop-up with information about that feature.

The layout of this application is different from the others on the site in that there is an ‘accordian’ type panel on the left of the frame which accesses any one of the three different datasets in the main map window.

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