Distance and Elevation Profile

The latest map to be added to the site is an interactive distance and elevation profile calculator. The idea of this particular map is allow the user to check on both the distance, and the changes in elevation of a walking route.

The map can be used in a variety of ways. Firstly, some popular local walks from various websites have been added to the map and are shown as different coloured routes. Clicking on one of these routes will generate an elevation profile in the bottom window of the application. This window will show both the length of the walk and the elevation change along the walk. By hovering the cursor over the profile the user can see the location (red cross) on the map in the top window. Links to the original website showing walk details can be accessed in the pop-up windows.

Alternatively, the user can generate their own route on the map, perhaps when planning or returning from a walk, run or bike ride. There are three tools in the drop-down Measure menu that enable points, lines or polygons to be created on the map. When generating their own route/area the last point needs to be double-clicked, at which point the profile window wil be populated in the same manner as the pre-defined walking route option. To exit this mode the user should return to the Measure drop-down and de-select the relevant tool.

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