The Interactive Maps for Ilkley web-site

Ilkley Maps is a 'not-for-profit' project designed for the benefit of visitors and the residents of Ilkley alike. The intention is to show off the best of Ilkley in a series of digital, interactive mapping applications.

The philosophy of the site is to Inform - Educate - Inspire - Entertain and as such will include a wide variety of maps that will range from the very useful to the somewhat esoteric, but hopefully will be appreciated by someone.

The website is intended to be a community site and will therefore be dependent on input from the users to both keep the site up to date but also to suggest other topics or subjects that would benefit from being presented in map form.

The site is run by a resident of the town so should always be 'current' but please get in touch with us if you see any inaccuracies or mistakes so that we can rectify any problems.